Compilation of technologies

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Building your customized Label implies the compiling technologies.

Compilation technology is the art of assembling various components and various printing techniques to build a unique, smart Label that fits our customers' need.

Our customers' needs could be to:

  • easily identify products,
  • trace and follow-up products,
  • counter frauds on the market,
  • protect product integrity,
  • Authentify documents.

Overview of materials and technologies that may compose our solutions

  • Hologram
  • Software program
  • Micro film, Guilloche
  • Reveling by UV and IR lights
  • Security pigments, Military plotters (magnification x100)
  • DNA
  • Special cuts
  • Layout

Label material: paper, film, in-built, calendared for watermarks, surface treatment, transparency, plotters, etc.

Label glue: acrylic, polyurethane, tinted, plotted, etc..

Printing: above, below, line size 55µ, micro lettering, formulation of inks in our workshop, thermochromic, heat, Iridescent, Photochromic, scratchable, odorant, short and long UV short, phosphorescent, visible fluorescent and visible UV, visible infrared, sequined, water marking, filter, etc..

Plotters: multilayer, chemicals, DNA short chains, etc.

Banknote strings: different widths, printed, etc.

Surfacing of the label: holographic, diffraction, wet look, aged, cracked appearance, etc.

Label cutting: different forms according to fit your design.

Multilayer assembly: up to 7 layers.

Numbering or individual personalization: bar codes, alphanumeric, algorithm, invisible label, pictogram, etc.