Our customers

Why would prestigious and demanding companies trust us? Because we are:

  • more than just Label manufacturers.
  • conduct audits and design Label that meets customer's needs.
  • find, design and implement on-time solutions that are cost-effective.

Our customers are in France and abroad and they are also into all types of industrial and service activities.


Technical highlights:

  • To imprint pencils with a common and fashionable design, at the rate of 30.000.000 per month,
  • And as many as 96 styles automatically stamped at 560 strokes / min.

Reactivity and creativity:

  • Printing 8 series of 200 labels with 5 colours within a week.
  • Under a strict budgetary target.

The Challenge: Label must remain stuck to glass at -80 ° C on glass.

With our solution, the Institute of Pasteur guarantees the reliability of the Labels on DNA samples for TEN years.

Our solutions are innovative and reliable.


Objective: To have a label with a strong adhesive, meeting the expectations of different processes: rigidity, glossiness, and handling.

Our solutions are smart and cost-effective.


Problem: To have a Label that sticks to everything.

We provide our customer's warehouse with barcode Labels. Storage could be on palettes, on shelves, in cartons or directly on the floor. Our common Labels must be fitted on all surfaces without distinction.

Our solutions are easy-to-use and convenient.