Simple and sophisticated labels

Manufacturing a Label, a sticker, an adhesive tag

Simple or complex, we design and manufacture your adhesive tag, your sticker and Label in collaboration with you, using just the necessary creative and innovative efforts.

We are one of a few companies in Europe that have the capacity to cut, print and over-print Labels. We also have the know-how in adhesives and anti-adherent coatings that bring easy-to-use solutions to our customers.


Guide-lines for manufacturing Labels/Stickers

Labels are made-up of several components or materials depending on their specificities. For a simple blank label, it will be made-up of a face material, an adhesive and a release liner. For a more complex label, it will be made-up of superposed layers, with a face material, adhesives, anti-adherent, release liner, inks, and treated surfaces.

  • The face material may be paper, plastics such as PET, PE, PP, of different thicknesses depending on the destined application.
  • There are different adhesives: permanent adhesive that cannot be readily removed; the removable adhesive destined to be stuck and then removed without leaving traces on the substrate (or repositionable adhesive); reinforced adhesive that will stick to rough surfaces and withstand harsh conditions.
  • Anti-adhesive could be: silicone or paraffin
  • Protective release liner could be: thin or thick paper or plastic
  • Inks and surface treatments could be: screen printing, film coating, and metallization.

Composition of a simple label


Composition of a complex Label, multi-layer Tags

In order to define your Label, it is essential to know the substrate on which it will be stuck:

  • What is the nature of the substrate: material, iron, wood, painting, plastic?
  • What is the roughness of the surface: smooth, granular?
  • What is the shape of the surface: flat, curvy?
  • Will the substrate be contaminated by agents such as: Ice, water, dust, mould release agent, oil, etc?

A label that sticks to everything must readily come off its protective liner.<

It is also important to know the life-span of the label and the conditions under which it will be used.

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