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Securing exam papers

On 28 June 2013

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Securing exam papers
A solution against examination fraud

The major end of year concern for students is to pass their exams. For some of them, the end justifies the means, including fraud.

One known practice is to replace the true student examination sheet with another. The candidate writes his paper ​​normally. When the examination is over, the fraudulent staff member removes the students’ examination sheet, and replaces it with well-answered sheet.

To prevent this form of cheating that discredits certificates, we have created a Label that is glued on each exam paper at the beginning of the examination. This label cannot be removed without tearing the paper, thereby making it becomes impossible to replace. The number of Labels equals the number of candidates. This is a simple and powerful solution is already in some countries for over 5 years now.

For more information on these labels, contact us by email or by phone at +33 (0) 3 20 16 04 91.