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Why use a Gen'étiq VOID label ?

On 08 April 2014

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Why use a Gen'étiq VOID label ?Why use a Gen'étiq VOID label ?Why use a Gen'étiq VOID label ?Why use a Gen'étiq VOID label ?
Gen'étiq VOID labels in all its forms

Why use a Gen'étiq VOID label ?
- To fight against fraud and theft
- To secure your product, to seal it or seal its packaging
- To protect and authenticate your product
Using Gen’étiq VOID labels will ensure effective protection to your product against fraud and counterfeiting.

Once the Gen’étiq VOID label is removed from your product or its packaging the label identifies the package has been tampered with.

There are 2 types of Gen’étiq VOID security labels
- Gen’étiq VOID labels with total transfer will leave behind a message on both the label and the item to which it was applied
- Non-transfer Gen’étiq VOID labels will leave no residue adhesive on the product but will leave evidence on the label to prevent reuse or resealing but identify tampering.

You can have a unique Gen’étiq VOID label by choosing colour, size, hidden message or hidden logo, visible text or logo, Gen’étiq will manufacture your labels as per your unique requirements.
Gen’étiq is able to customise your labels and hence provide a high counterfeiting protection.

Typical applications : secure computer hardware, business cards, mobile phone batteries, electricity meter, sealing of boxes, lorries, ships, envelopes, diamonds cases, archives boxes, drugs packages, secure examination sheets, bus cards, authentication of products, security of pill dispensers in hospitals, proof of origin for spare parts of helicopter aircraft and automotive management systems, warranty labels, brand protection…

Other names for VOID labels : tamper proof, tamper evident label, sealing label, VOID label, total transfer VOID label, partial transfer VOID label, non-transfer VOID labels, security label, warranty label, brand protection label, anti-counterfeiting labels…

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